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goosneck1.jpgWe began the activity in 1992 . For five years weproduce external elements of shipping ventilations forthe shipyards in Spain and Norway.
Our experiencepermits us to offer high quality and the good price ofproducts steel, inox steel and aluminium.



tight closures of air ventilation
ducts, inlets and outlets
equipped optionally in :
- the constant horizontal louvres
- the aluminium misteliminator about the
efficiency 85% ( the patent of SIPartner-Norway)
- cassettes of filters
- nets against birds and insects
Maximum dimension : W x H = 1500 x 3000 mm



tubular ventilators deck and
wall, welded or screwed on , with
the tight closure and the net
against insects.
nominal diameters :
ND 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300
and 350 mm.




flow limiters of air with fluent regulation
by moving louvres equipment like flaps.
Maximum measurements :
W x H = 2400 x 3000 mm
Can be produced with the optional
All steel products are hot deep
galvanized or lacquered.




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